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Sunday, 19 October
23:01GBPRightmove HPI (MoM) (Oct)2.6% 0.9%  
23:30AUDRBA Assist Gov Kent Speaks    
Monday, 20 October
06:00EURPPI (MoM) (Sep)0.0%0.1%-0.1%  
08:00EURCurrent Account (Aug)18.9B21.3B 21.6B  
TentativeEURBuba Monthly Report  
12:30CADWholesale Sales (MoM) (Aug)0.2% 0.2%-0.2%  
14:00USDFOMC Member Powell Speaks    
21:45NZDVisitor Arrivals m/m (MoM) (Sep)0.9% -3.0%  
Tuesday, 21 October
00:30AUDMonetary Policy Meeting Minutes  
02:00CNYNBS Press Conference  
02:00CNYFixed Asset Investment (YoY) (Sep)16.1%16.2% 16.5%  
02:00CNYIndustrial Production (YoY) (Sep)8.0% 7.5% 6.9%  
02:00CNYRetail Sales (YoY) (Sep)11.6% 11.8%11.9%  
02:00CNYGDP (QoQ) (Q3)7.3% 7.2%7.5%  
02:00NZDCredit Card Spending (YoY)4.4% 4.2%  
04:30JPYAll Industries Activity (MoM) (Aug)-0.1% -0.3%-0.4%  
06:00CHFTrade Balance (Sep)2.45B2.43B1.33B  
08:30GBPPublic Sector Net Borrowing (Sep)11.1B9.3B11.0B  
08:55AUDRBA Deputy Gov Lowe Speaks    
TentativeGBP10-y Bond Auction 2.15|1.7 2.57|1.7   
14:00USDExisting Home Sales (Sep)5.17M5.11M5.05M  
23:00AUDCB Leading Index (MoM) (Aug)-0.2%0.5%  
23:30AUDMI Leading Index (MoM) (Sep)-0.1%-0.1%  
23:50JPYTrade Balance (Sep)-1.07T -0.91T -0.92T   
Wednesday, 22 October
00:30AUDTrimmed Mean CPI (QoQ) (Q3)0.4% 0.6%0.8%  
00:30AUDCPI (QoQ) (Q3)0.5% 0.4%0.5%  
08:30GBPMPC Asset Purchase Facility Votes0-0-9 0-0-90-0-9  
08:30GBPMPC Official Bank Rate Votes2-0-7 2-0-72-0-7  
TentativeEUR30-y Bond Auction1.77|1.2 2.25|1.1   
12:30CADCore Retail Sales (MoM) (Aug)-0.3%0.2%-0.5%  
12:30CADRetail Sales (MoM) (Aug)-0.3%0.1%-0.1%  
12:30USDCore CPI (MoM) (Sep)0.1% 0.2% 0.0%  
12:30USDCPI (MoM) (Sep)0.1%0.0%-0.2%  
14:00CADBOC Monetary Policy Report  
14:00CADOvernight Rate1.00% 1.00%1.00%  
14:00CADBOC Rate Statement  
14:30USDCrude Oil Inventories (WoW) (Oct)7.1M2.8M8.9M  
15:15CADBOC Press Conference (QoQ)  
19:00GBPMPC Member Weale Speaks  
19:30CADBOC Gov Poloz Speaks    
21:00AUDRBA Gov Stevens Speaks    
21:45NZDCPI (QoQ) (Q3)0.3%0.5%0.3%  
Thursday, 23 October
00:30AUDNAB Quarterly Business Confidence (Q3)6 6  
01:35JPYFlash Manufacturing PMI (Oct)52.8 52.151.7  
01:45CNYHSBC Flash Manufacturing PMI (Oct)50.450.250.2  
07:00EURUnemployment Rate (Q3)23.7%24.1%24.5%  
07:00EURFlash Manufacturing PMI (Oct)47.348.648.8  
07:00EURFlash Services PMI (Oct)  
07:10GBPMPC Member Broadbent Speaks    
07:30EURFlash Manufacturing PMI (Oct)51.849.649.9  
07:30EURFlash Services PMI (Oct)54.855.055.7  
08:00EURFlash Manufacturing PMI (Oct)50.750.050.3  
08:00EURFlash Services PMI (Oct)52.452.052.4  
08:30GBPRetail Sales (MoM) (Sep)-0.3% -0.1%0.4%  
08:30GBPBBA Mortgage Approvals (Sep)39.3K41.5K41.6K  
All DayEUREU Economic Summit  
10:00GBPCBI Industrial Order Expectations (Oct)-6-3-4  
12:30USDUnemployment Claims (WoW) (Oct)269K264K  
13:00USDHPI (MoM) (Aug)0.4%0.1%  
13:45USDFlash Manufacturing PMI (Oct)57.257.5  
14:00EURConsumer Confidence (Oct)-12-11  
14:00USDCB Leading Index (MoM) (Sep)0.8%0.2%  
14:30CADBOC Gov Poloz Speaks    
14:30USDNatural Gas Storage (WoW) (Oct)94B  
21:45NZDTrade Balance (MoM) (Sep)-620M-472M  
Friday, 24 October
02:00CNYCB Leading Index (MoM) (Sep)0.7%  
06:00EURGfK Consumer Climate (Sep)8.18.3  
08:00EURRetail Sales (MoM) (Aug)0.2%-0.1%  
08:30GBPPrelim GDP (QoQ) (Q3)0.7%0.9%  
08:30GBPIndex of Services 3m/3m (Aug)0.9% 1.0%  
All DayEUREU Economic Summit  
13:00EURBelgian NBB Business Climate-7.8-7.2  
14:00USDNew Home Sales (Sep)473K504K  
Preliminary Release
Revised Release
Low Importance
Medium Importance
High Importance
Green NumberActual figure better than forecast figure
Red NumberActual figure worse than forecast figure
WoWWeek over Week
MoMMonth over Month
QoQQuarter over Quarter
YoYYear over Year
Q1First Quarter
Q2Second Quarter
Q3Third Quarter
Q4Fourth Quarter