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Sunday, 13 April
All DayEURIMF Meetings  
17:30USDFOMC Member Stein Speaks    
Monday, 14 April
09:00EURIndustrial Production (MoM) (Feb)0.2% 0.3%0.0%  
12:30USDRetail Sales (MoM) (Mar)1.1%0.8%0.7%  
12:30USDCore Retail Sales (MoM) (Mar)0.7% 0.5% 0.3%  
14:00USDBusiness Inventories (MoM) (Feb)0.4% 0.5% 0.4%  
16:45USDFOMC Member Tarullo Speaks    
23:01GBPBRC Retail Sales Monitor (YoY) (Mar)-1.7%-1.0%  
Tuesday, 15 April
01:30AUDMonetary Policy Meeting Minutes  
07:15CHFPPI (MoM) (Mar)0.0% 0.3% -0.4%  
TentativeCNYNew Loans1050B1000B645B   
TentativeCNYM2 Money Supply (YoY)12.1%13.1%13.3%  
08:30GBPPPI Output (MoM) (Mar)0.2% 0.1% 0.1%  
08:30GBPPPI Input (MoM) (Mar)-0.6% -0.1% -0.5%  
08:30GBPRPI (YoY) (Mar)2.5% 2.5%2.7%  
08:30GBPCPI (YoY) (Mar)1.6% 1.6% 1.7%  
08:30GBPHPI (YoY) (Mar)9.1%7.2%6.8%  
08:30GBPCore CPI (YoY) (Mar)1.6% 1.6%1.7%  
TentativeEURTrade Balance (Feb)13.9B 13.9B13.7B  
09:00EURZEW Economic Sentiment (Apr)43.246.346.6  
09:00EURZEW Economic Sentiment (Apr)61.260.761.5  
09:00EURTrade Balance (Feb)15.0B   
12:30CADManufacturing Sales (MoM) (Feb)1.4%1.1% 0.8%  
12:30USDEmpire State Manufacturing Index (Apr)  
12:30USDCPI (MoM) (Mar)0.2% 0.1%0.1%   
12:30USDCore CPI (MoM) (Mar)0.2% 0.1%0.1%   
12:45USDFed Chair Yellen Speaks    
13:00USDTIC Long-Term Purchases (Feb) 85.7B31.6B7.7B  
14:00USDNAHB Housing Market Index (Apr)475046  
19:00USDFOMC Member Plosser Speaks    
22:45NZDCPI (QoQ) (Q1)0.3%0.5%0.1%  
Wednesday, 16 April
00:00USDFOMC Member Kocherlakota Speaks    
00:30AUDMI Leading Index (MoM) (Mar)0.0%-0.1%  
02:00CNYRetail Sales (YoY) (Feb)12.2% 11.9% 11.8%  
02:00CNYFixed Asset Investment (YoY) (Feb)17.6%18.1%17.9%  
02:00CNYNBS Press Conference  
02:00CNYGDP (QoQ) (Q1)7.4%7.4%7.7%   
02:00CNYIndustrial Production (YoY) (Feb)8.8%9.1% 8.6%  
04:30JPYRevised Industrial Production (MoM) (Mar)-2.3%-2.3% -2.3%   
06:15JPYBOJ Gov Kuroda Speaks    
08:00EURCurrent Account 21.9B22.3B 25.4B  
08:00EURTrade Balance (Feb)21.9B1.27B0.36B  
08:30GBPAverage Earnings Index (Feb)1.7%1.8%1.4%   
08:30GBPUnemployment Rate (Feb)6.9%7.2%7.2%  
08:30GBPClaimant Count Change (Feb)-30.4K -30.2K -37.0K  
09:00CHFZEW Economic Expectations (Apr)7.019.0  
09:00EURCore CPI (YoY) (Mar)0.5%0.8%1.0%  
09:00EURCPI (YoY) (Mar)0.7% 0.5% 0.5%  
TentativeEUR10-y Bond Auction 1.49|1.3 1.58|1.6   
12:00USDFOMC Member Stein Speaks    
12:30CADForeign Securities Purchases (Feb)6.08B 4.57B1.09B  
12:30USDBuilding Permits (MoM) (Mar)0.99M1.00M1.01M  
12:30USDHousing Starts (Mar)0.95M0.97M0.91M   
13:15USDIndustrial Production (MoM) (Mar)0.7%0.5%1.2%  
13:15USDCapacity Utilization Rate (Mar)79.2%78.8%78.4%  
14:00CADBOC Rate Statement  
14:00CADBOC Monetary Policy Report  
14:00CADOvernight Rate1.00% 1.00% 1.00%   
14:30USDCrude Oil Inventories (WoW) (Apr)10.0M 1.3M4.0M   
15:15CADBOC Press Conference (QoQ)  
16:15USDFed Chair Yellen Speaks    
17:25USDFOMC Member Fisher Speaks    
18:00USDBeige Book  
Thursday, 17 April
00:30JPYBOJ Gov Kuroda Speaks    
01:30AUDNew Motor Vehicle Sales (MoM)-0.3%-0.1%  
01:30AUDNAB Quarterly Business Confidence (Q1)68  
TentativeCNYForeign Direct Investment (YoY)5.5% 10.4%   
05:00JPYConsumer Confidence (Mar)37.540.238.5  
06:00EURPPI (MoM) (Mar)-0.3% 0.1%0.0%  
12:30CADCPI (MoM) (Mar)0.6%0.4%0.8%  
12:30CADCore CPI (MoM) (Mar)0.3% 0.3%0.7%  
12:30USDUnemployment Claims (WoW) (Apr)304K316K302K  
14:00USDPhilly Fed Manufacturing Index (Mar)  
14:30USDNatural Gas Storage (WoW) (Apr)24B35B4B  
All DayNZDBank Holiday  
All DayAUDBank Holiday  
23:50JPYTertiary Industry Activity (MoM) (Feb)-1.0% 0.2%0.9%  
Friday, 18 April
All DayCHFBank Holiday  
All DayEURBank Holiday  
All DayGBPBank Holiday  
All DayCADBank Holiday  
Preliminary Release
Revised Release
Low Importance
Medium Importance
High Importance
Green NumberActual figure better than forecast figure
Red NumberActual figure worse than forecast figure
WoWWeek over Week
MoMMonth over Month
QoQQuarter over Quarter
YoYYear over Year
Q1First Quarter
Q2Second Quarter
Q3Third Quarter
Q4Fourth Quarter